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Adult Cooking Courses Adelaide

Virgin Foodie Program

Looking to hone some skills or learn new ones? 

Our Virgin Foodie program is a series of cooking classes loosely designed around a commercial cookery course, but with some simple regional recipes to prepare thrown in too.
In the warm and friendly environment of our kitchen in St Morris basic cooks or Masterchef wannabes can choose all or just one of the classes aimed at improving specific technique or developing knowledge around flavour profiles from different regions around the world. 

So whether you want to brush up on your knife skills, get that pavlova right every time, or simply learn how to make an authentic Thai curry, Moroccan tagine or other regional dishes, there is a class for you.
Techniques or regions covered:
Knife skills
Pasta and sauces
Middle Eastern
South East Asian

Casual classes are $89, and a block of 4 classes costs $340.

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