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Learning can be fun!

Scoffed is the pre-eminent cooking school in Adelaide for teaching kids to cook from scratch.

With 5 years experience under our belts now and over 10,000 kids through our doors. We think we know a little bit about what it takes to get children engaged in the kitchen.

We love to take the kids on a food journey, ‘visiting’ different countries and learning traditional, authentic recipes from near and far. This expands their palates and their food knowledge as well as their cooking skills, techniques and time management skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

We have worked with Gowrie SA, a leading professional development organisation for Educators to ensure that our cooking programs identify and assist you to work towards key elements of the National Quality Standard (NQS).

All our instructors are professional chefs or home economics teachers, so rest assured that they are also very knowledgeable and experienced.

We teach all ages and abilities and reflect this in our schools’ program. So, whether you want to run an excursion or incursion for primary age kids or high school students, we have a program that is sure to fit your requirements.

Bring your class to cook at Scoffed

Our purpose-built fully equipped kitchen can easily fit a class of up to 32 children working in groups with a maximum of 4.

Expect them to learn about working together as a team, science, maths, nutrition as well as the technical side of cooking.
We also have a breakout area where your class can relax before or after cooking or do other workshops.

Let us come to you

We are also very happy to come out to your location to run classes and can offer all of the above options, depending on your facilities and size of your group.

The price is a little more expensive due to us having to transport everything to you and the equipment we need to provide, but it is still quite affordable. As a guide add on 10% to the costs, but we will quote on an individual basis depending on your location and which is your preferred option.

Minimum charge for an off-site class for Scoffed is $600 plus GST.

Primary School Class Options

All classes include, ingredients and equipment, aprons and recipes, full serve of chosen dish to take away or eat on site, menu tailored to your requirements, professional instruction from qualified chefs, mystery boxes and judging forms (MasterChef-styled cook off only)


OSHC style program – 60 minutes of fun in the kitchen, basic recipes completed in quick time with food being taken away to eat.
*minimum class size 20


Food Chiefs Entrée – 90 minute class creating one simple recipe from a country of your choice, or style to fit a project e.g making dough for science to see chemical reactions etc.

*minimum class size 14


Food Chiefs Master Class – 2 hour class creating a sweet and savoury dish, following instruction from our chef.
*minimum class size 20

High School Class Options


MasterChef-styled cook off – 2-3 hour class (depending on size of group) where students are given a recipe and a mystery box of ingredients to create 2 dishes. They are then judged on their creations based on taste, creativity and presentation.

*minimum class size 10


“This is more fun than anything we have ever done”
Svetlana age 9 from St. Johns Grammar to OSHC Director – Alison Tregoning.

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To talk to us or check availability for our kitchen, email or call 08 7226 0715