School Holiday Cooking Classes!

Learn new cooking skills and have a heap of fun!

We have classes for all ages and abilities starting from age 5+.

They last 90 minutes (for age 5+), 2 hours (age 8+ or 12+) or 3 hours (age 9+ or 12+) and we make different dishes every day. 

Food Chief Entree classes (age 5+) allow the kids to create simple savoury or sweet dishes from different countries.

Food Chief Master classes (age 8+ or 12+) challenge the kids a little bit more to create dishes that are a bit more complex. 

Food Saucerer classes (age 9+ or 12+) rock the kids to create aspirational Master Chef style dishes that you will want to recreate next time you’re looking to impress someone! 

So whether you have a master chef wannabe in your house or your little one simply loves baking, bring them to a Scoffed kids cooking class for something different to do this holidays.


Upcoming Classes

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