Savoury Modules 1 - 6, ZOOM, 1:30pm - 3:00pm 20th Oct - 24th Nov 2021

Learn how to run fun, delicious, cost-effective and stress-free classes for groups of up to 30 children from aged 4 to teenagers.
This course consists of 6 modules all run via ZOOM.
It is suitable for anyone involved in running children’s activities (age 4+) all the way up to teenagers: 

SAVOURY – Modules 1 – 6.

Visit new countries with every lesson, learning new recipes and exploring flavours from places far and wide. You will learn specific techniques to each dish, experience different ingredients and hopefully open up a whole new world for your classes. The first class starts on 20th October at 1:30 pm all other ZOOM classes begin at 11:00am.


Module 1: 1.5 hour on-line recipe via ZOOM. Starts 1:30pm – 3:00pm 2oth October 2021
Recipe 1: Sausage Rolls + Foundation Technical. Make the filling, then roll and bake everyone’s favourites.


Module 2: 1 hour on-line recipe via ZOOM. Starts 11:00am – 12:00pm 27th October 2021:
Recipe: Filled Pita Pockets. Make your own flat breads and delicious fillings to go in it.


Module 3: 1 hour on-line recipe via ZOOM. Starts 11:00am 3rd November 2021:
Recipe: Spaghetti and Meatballs with a sneaky sauce with hidden veggies.


Module 4: 1 hour on-line recipe via ZOOM. Starts 11:00am 10th November 2021:
Recipe: Chinese Dumplings using different folding techniques.


Module 5: 1 hour on-line recipe via ZOOM. Starts 11:00am 17th November 2021:
Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken & Avocado Sushi Rolls. Learn how to make proper sushi rolls!


Module 6: A 1.5 hour practical session on-line via ZOOM. Appointment only. Starts from 24th November.
A recap of the Foundation Module and the 5 recipes you learned – 1.5 practical session on-line or run your own class, record it then send it to us.

Ts & Cs:
Please refer to detailed description below for all of our terms and conditions.
Cancelation policy:
Classes may be cancelled with 48 hours notice if sufficient numbers not achieved.
Classes are non refundable, but are transferable for a $10 fee as long as Scoffed has 48 hours notice.

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Educators Online Cooking Course  

The Educators Cooking Course is aimed at educators interested in learning how to run fun, delicious, cost-effective and stress-free classes for groups of children from aged 4 up to teenagers.

Combining Scoffed Cooking School’s 5 years of food experience in educational environments and the expertise of Gowrie SA, a leading professional development organisation for Educators, the course helps you work towards key elements of the National Quality Standard (NQS) and addresses real challenges Educators face in their work environments.

The course runs over a 6 week period and teaches 5 classic recipes. The recipes learned become progressively harder with the increase in skill levels. The Educators Cooking Course is packed with information and will not only give you the confidence to teach a class of 30 kids, but also make you a better cook!

When you book the block of 6 modules, you will receive a PDF via email. This PDF has links to the ZOOM classes and also links to material you will need to download for the session these include:

  • A recipe leaflet that instructs you on the equipment and ingredients needed and teaches you the methods required to make each dish
  • A running sheet that will help you run to time
  • Quantities Tables to help you order food/ingredients from suppliers
  • Nutritional Tables to help you meet the National Quality Standard
  • ‘Fun Facts’ sheets that relate to each recipe
  • Plus a 48 page handbook that becomes your ‘go to’ reference for running a cooking class.

Classes start at 11.00am (Adelaide time) each week on Wednesdays.

Please familiarise yourself with the content and set up your technology and working areas in readiness for the class 1 hour before the class begins.

In the Foundation module (Module 1) you will learn:

  • How to plan your class and be really organised
  • How to order the right quantities for the number of students in your class
  • How to make shopping easier and cost effective
  • How to use our systems on any recipe you might choose.
  • How to teach the first recipe

In each subsequent module you will learn:

  • Technical: Structuring the class along with key outcomes and outputs
  • Setting up the correct equipment & ingredients in an engaging and organised way
  • Allocating work groups
  • Teaching knife skills
  • Kitchen WOH&S
  • How to teach the recipe to be made
  • How to deal with allergies or dietary requirements

At the end of the course there will be:

  • A recap of the Foundation Module learnings
  • A practical session – you run your own class and record it then send it to Scoffed, or zoom us in and we will watch you live
  • We’ll give you written feedback on areas you could improve on
  • Certificate of Participation

The formal bit!

In participating in the Educators Cooking Course you are being taught the Intellectual Property developed by Scoffed Cooking School. Scoffed reserves all rights to the shared IP.

You are: permitted to use Scoffed’s IP for the purpose of teaching children within an educational environment.

You are not: permitted to establish your own business, go into direct competition or run your own cooking classes using Scoffed’s published material.

You can purchase: A Scoffed Licence to become a Licensee and operate your own business under the Scoffed Master Brand Licence agreement. Send enquiries to:

When booking a class with Scoffed you give us permission to use photos for promotional purposes.

Unfortunately bookings are not refundable unless we have to cancel the program.
If you do miss a class you can re-book on the next intake (numbers permitting).