Kids run wild!

Kids Cooking Classes

Kids cooking with floury faces, sticky fingers, mucky aprons and messy bench tops are on the menu at Scoffed School of Food and Fun.

It doesn’t matter whether your child can mix ingredients together in a bowl, knows how to slice and dice, or what cross chopping is. Every week there is excitement, laughter, new experiences and great tasting food in Adelaide’s largest cooking school kitchen for kids aged 5+.

You’ll be blown away by what your child whips up and scoffs down at our kids cooking classes! They will learn the tricks of the trade, and how to make everything from perfectly boiled eggs to curries, pizzas and even dumplings.


  • A yummy kids’ meal at the end of every class (with leftovers to take away if there are any)
  • All ingredients
  • A big dose of fun (giggling fits optional)
  • Meeting new taste buddies and using a bit of the boring stuff they learn at school (that’ll be maths and English!)
  • Recipes to take home

Kids cooking classes

Children of all ages can join us for a one-off kids cooking class or sign up for our Food Chief’s program running every term on Tuesdays from 5pm and Saturdays from 9.30am.

Budding Chefs!

Food Chiefs Program (age 5+)

Kids Cooking Classes Adelaide

1.5 hour class, $36/class or 10 classes for $340 – $20 off 

Do you wish your kids had another interest other than Xbox, PlayStation or the iPad?

Enrol them in our kids cooking class program “Food Chiefs”, watch them grow in confidence and quickly obtain their Food Chiefs stamps to be redeemed for their very own Food Chiefs Hat, Apron and Spoons.

The program is designed in such a way that kids can come to every class or pick and choose which ones to attend. Obviously the more they come to, the more they will learn and the more Food Chiefs stamps they will get towards their very own Food Chiefs Hat, Spoons and Apron.

Whether they have cooked before – or not at all, the classes will build up skill levels. They will learn everything from basic knife techniques like how to chop onions properly, to creating perfect omelettes, stir fries or curries, and making dough from scratch.

Our classes run for 90 minutes and are designed to be very hands on. They include all ingredients, aprons, hats and eating what they have made at the end.

How does this work?

Book a series of Food Chiefs cooking classes – at least 6 classes in one school term can be enough to receive one coloured spoon to start building towards their Food Chiefs Hat and Apron.

The program will run every week of term on Tuesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 9.30am. 

At each class students will receive a stamp on their loyalty card. Collect six stamps and they will be awarded their first coloured wooden spoon.

Collect all five coloured wooden spoons – blue, green, yellow, orange, red and then trade them in for their very own Food Chiefs Apron and Hat.

At graduation there will be a “Food Chiefs Chow Wow” where they also get to demonstrate their ability to cook one of the dishes they make during the program, whilst mum and dad join in as their sous chef/mise en place (assistant).


To book a block of 10 click here or for casual classes click the Book Now button and select the date and time of the class your kids wish to attend.

When you make a block booking you will be emailed a voucher that can be redeemed against any class in the program (just like a gift card) until its value has run out.

For safety reasons, kids under 7 must be supervised by an adult during all classes.

Let’s get Scoffed!

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Or for further details, please contact us on 08 7226 0715 or at

Blooming Chefs!

Food Saucerers (age 9+)

Kids Cooking Classes Adelaide

3 hour class, from $79

Looking to create a bit of magic in the kitchen?

Book your child into this 3 hour specialised class and watch their wizardry with gourmet ingredients as they conjure up amazing restaurant style dishes that would challenge even you!

More advanced in style, your child will get special ‘one on one’ time with our professionally trained chef in this technically advanced dessert class.

Imagine a master chef style dessert with professional plating to boot and that’s what we teach our Food Sacuerers to deliver.

They could make anything from mini Croquembouche to sticky date pudding or tiramisu, all from scratch with top quality ingredients and tuition. 

Classes only run in school holidays and numbers are limited, so book quickly. 

Suitable for kids age 9+ who have cooked before.

Cost includes all ingredients, their dish to eat or take home and a drink during the class.

Let’s get Scoffed!

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Or for further details, please contact us on 08 7226 0715 or

School holiday classes

At a loss for what to do with your little ones next school holidays? Want more information about our upcoming school holiday cooking classes for kids?

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Kids birthday parties

Wouldn’t you love to have your kid’s next birthday party the talk of the classroom? Get some more information about our kids’ birthday party packages.

Let's Go!

Scoffed Cafe

While the kids are busy cooking up a storm you can watch them from our cosy cafe. A range of healthy snacks, cakes and coffee is available.

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