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Heat & Eat

Taking the best recipes from our most popular classes Scoffed brings you a range of delicious and affordable Heat & Eat meals for all the family.

All dishes have reheating instructions, and the majority can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Delivered to your home or pickup available!

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Deviously Delicious

BBQ Low n Slow

Our menu has a strong American influence, but with hints of other cuisines thrown in to reflect our flavours of the world approach to cooking.

From Middle Eastern spiced shredded lamb shoulder with pomegranate glaze, to grass fed Black Angus Texas brisket, all our dishes are taken from our hugely popular BBQ Guru low n slow cooking classes.

Smoking weekly you can purchase your favourite BBQ meats by the gram along with sides, sauces and even dessert.

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For the kids!

Food Chiefs – Kid Friendly Family Meals

Straight from our Food Chiefs cooking program, we have selected our most popular dishes from around the world for you to take home, heat and enjoy.

Serving sizes are appropriate for 2 children unless otherwise stated.

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