Corporate Events
Work hard play hard

We can have fun too!

Corporate Events at Scoffed Cooking School. Whether you want to entertain clients, improve team morale and break down some barriers or simply have a great experience with your colleagues, then a cooking class at Scoffed is the perfect solution.

We have a custom designed kitchen at our premises on Magill Rd, St Morris that can cater for 30 people cooking and a large cafe area that can seat up to 20 more.

Corporate Events - Option 1

2 course cooking class part hands on, part demonstration

Our simple option where the group experience cooking as a team but also sit back and relax whilst the chef demonstrates certain dishes.

This gives you the best of both worlds with a bit of team building and a bit of socializing too.

This option can accommodate up to 30 guests.
Cost from $99 per person (minimum 10 people).


Additional alcohol is available for sale or BYO is available for corkage of $15 per bottle.

Total time at Scoffed is approximately 2-3 hours.

Corporate Events - Option 2

Our version of MKR where teams cook off against each other to win a prize.

Participants are split into teams on arrival (based on your recommendation) and provided with a recipe each for them to create that enables you to have a wonderful 2 course meal together at the end.

Teams can be from 2-5 people with a maximum of 5 teams. Our chef will guide them during the cooking process. They are then judged on how well their dishes taste and are presented.

Prizes are then awarded at the end.
Cost from $125 per person (minimum 10 people).


Approximate time at Scoffed is 3-4 hours.