Cremating is a thing of the past!

Scoffed BBQ Guru Cooking Classes

We all love to BBQ and being Aussie’s we reckon we’ve got it covered!

But have we really or can we still learn how to do it even better?

At Scoffed we think there’s a whole lot of amazing stuff that we can teach you to make you a BBQ Guru giving you the confidence to cook for 4 or 40 of your family and friends.

As we do with our regular cooking classes we want to teach everything and everyone from basic cooks to specialists, encouraging you to try new foods and different techniques that will improve even the most experienced BBQer!

What you will learn:

  • How to prepare your ingredients e.g. meat or fish for perfect BBQ cooking
  • The difference between direct and indirect cooking
  • How to cook with different types of coals or wood, and how to smoke
  • The best cuts of meat for grilling vs smoking
  • Cooking fish perfectly (“15 seconds is a lifetime in the cooking of fish” said Marco Pierre White!)
  • And of course amazing recipes that you can take home to wow your friends and family.

Using Weber BBQs (cos we think they’re the best) you will cook in groups of up to 4 around your own BBQ. We will cook with both coals and gas, so you can learn on either.

The prep will be done in the Scoffed kitchen and then you’ll head outside to our new BBQ area where we will give you a safety briefing (we don’t want any singed eyebrows or more importantly burnt steaks!) before teaching you how to cook everything perfectly.

If  you want to lift the lid on barbecuing then book into our 3 week BBQ Guru cooking course starting on January 31st 2019. Book Now!

Alternatively, you can brush up on specific skills by booking into one of our more specialist BBQ Guru cooking classes like Basic Butchery, Scoff Something WhiteScoff Something Red or Smoking . Book Now!

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