Adult Cooking Courses Adelaide

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Cooking courses Adelaide – upcoming adult classes

Take the Hump Day out of cooking –
more choice to suit your new lifestyle!

Adult Cooking Courses Adelaide


We are in the process of making some changes to our adult program due to COVID – 19.

A version of our Hump Day classes will shortly be moving online and we will be introducing regional cooking classes to our Virgin Foodie program.

These classes will all be face to face and will mirror the Hump Day style:
2 hours of hands on cooking with our professional chef where you learn new recipes, flavours and techniques from around the world.

If you have a voucher for a Hump Day class they can be used for any of our face to face adult classes. 

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You gotta start somewhere!

Adult Cooking Courses Adelaide

Virgin Foodie Program

Looking to hone some skills or learn new ones? 

Our Virgin Foodie program is a series of cooking classes loosely designed around a commercial cookery course, but with some simple regional recipes to prepare thrown in too.
In the warm and friendly environment of our kitchen in St Morris basic cooks or Masterchef wannabes can choose all or just one of the classes aimed at improving specific technique or developing knowledge around flavour profiles from different regions around the world. 

So whether you want to brush up on your knife skills, learn how to make a perfect hollandaise, get that pavlova right every time, or simply learn how to make an authentic Thai curry, Moroccan tagine, or other regional dishes, there is a class for you.
Techniques or regions covered:
Knife skills
Pasta and sauces
Middle Eastern
South East Asian

The classes last roughly 2 hours.
Each guest will receive recipes and class notes as well as the lovely dishes they create! 

Casual classes are $89, and a block of 4 classes costs $340.

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Solids and liquids never tasted so good!

Adult Cooking Courses Adelaide

Scoffed and Quaffed

We all know that wine and food go really well together, so we have teamed up with local boutique wineries to bring a bit of colour to our range of fine dining style cooking courses Adelaide.

As well as creating restaurant style dishes, scoffing some amazing food and learning from professional chefs how to cook it, you’ll also taste some delicious local wines that compliment perfectly.

Whilst Scoffed and Quaffed classes are more gourmet in style and design, our recipes and ambience make it a comfortable learning experience for cooks of any level.

Our charismatic and knowledgeable chef will take you through each of the 5 dishes step by step, teaching you about the ingredients and techniques as well as brushing up your knife skills!

We have a variety of different regional cuisines to choose from, as well as our unique native ingredients class, and more specific classes like Seafood or gourmet veggies.

You cook in groups with your own ingredient boxes and recipes, making new friends as well as learning new skills.

Prices start from $125

What’s included:

  • Nibbles on arrival
  • 3 course meal created by you
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Guidance and tutelage from our professionally trained chefs
  • Recipes to take home
  • Wine matched with each dish you make

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Lift the Lid on barbecuing

Become a BBQ Guru

We all love to BBQ and being Aussie’s we reckon we’ve got it covered!

But have we really or can we still learn how to do it even better?

At Scoffed we think there’s a whole lot of amazing stuff that we can teach you to give you the confidence to BBQ for 4 or 40 of your family and friends.

As with our regular cooking classes, we aim to teach everything and everyone from basic cooks to specialists, encouraging you to try new foods and different techniques that will improve even the most experienced BBQer!

What you will learn:

  • How to prepare your ingredients e.g. meat or fish for perfect BBQ cooking
  • The difference between direct and indirect cooking
  • How to cook with different types of coals or wood, and how to smoke
  • The best cuts of meat for grilling vs smoking
  • Cooking fish perfectly (“15 seconds is a lifetime in the cooking of fish” said Marco Pierre White!)
  • And of course amazing recipes that you can take home to wow your friends and family.

Using Weber BBQs (cos we think they’re the best) you will cook in groups of up to 4 around your own BBQ. We will cook with both coals and gas, so you can learn on either.

If  you want to lift the lid on barbecuing then book a block of 3 BBQ Guru classes for a discounted price. Book now

Alternatively, you can brush up on specific skills by booking into one of our more specialist BBQ Guru cooking classes like American low n slow, Introduction to Smoking, Hot and Fast Churasco/Asado, master classes in beef, pork or chicken, or grilling on coals. 

 Click here to see the full range of BBQ classes.

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Discover the unique flavours of OZ!

Deep dive into our unique food heritage.

In conjunction with “Red Centre Enterprises”, Scoffed has created an exclusive cultural and cooking experience using native Australian ingredients.

Amongst their amazing native products are fine indigenous meats like Kangaroo, Buffalo, Rannoch Quail, Crocodile and Wild Boar and native ingredients like Pepperberry, Wattleseed, Bush Tomato, Saltbush Flakes.

At our class – ‘Scoff Something Native’ you will hear Yuandamarra and Nadia from Red Centre talk about the use of native foods pre colonisation and also learn about their medicinal values. They will take you on a journey of discovery, sharing inside knowledge on how to use plants and herbs that grow on your local median strip! 

After hearing about the provenance of the ingredients, you will embark on a wonderful, hands on cooking lesson with chef and creator of If You’re Game catering, Alana Brabin. Together you will create beautiful modern dishes tasting unique indigenous ingredients that are sometimes hard to source and sampling some wonderful local complimentary boutique wines.

Costs include:

  • All ingredients to make 3 courses.
  • All equipment including aprons/hats
  • Supervision and guidance from our professionally trained and experienced chefs
  • Advice on where to shop
  • Cultural talk by Red Centre Enterprises
  • Recipes and ingredient information
  • Native ingredient platter and tastings
  • Wine with each course

Class lasts around 3 – 4 hours
Suitable for age 18+

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