About Scoffed
Food. Fun. Do.

About Scoffed Cooking School

Scoffed cooking school Adelaide is a new concept that’s all about getting stuck in, having fun in the kitchen, learning new skills and eating yummy food. We call it “Food. Fun. Do”.

Our Adelaide cooking classes and parties are not too serious (we are not creating Gordons or Hestons) but you’ll never forget the feel of stretching your own dough, the smell of caramelising sticky pork ribs on the BBQ, or your first taste of that still warm and soft birthday cake that’s just come out the oven.

From tapas and desserts to BBQs and international cuisines, we can inspire you to spice up your weeknights and add oomph to your special occasions!

Whether you’re aged 6 or 60, a complete beginner or a gourmet cook, you’ll love learning tips and tricks of the trade to make your life easier from the cheeky and entertaining chefs at Scoffed Cooking School Adelaide.

We cook with passion, using local and seasonal ingredients, no preservatives or additives and lots of love!