We can have fun too!

OSHC/Vacation Care Cooking Classes for kids at your location or ours!

Planning OSHC and Vacation Care activities for the kids takes a lot of time and effort and happens every term. If you book more than one term with Scoffed, (we’ll give you a discount) and the kids will experience consistency in learning about food which will encourage positive outcomes such as healthy eating, nutrition and better food choices. At Scoffed, we change the kids recipes every term so the kids will experience something new every time! The kids learn all about different cultures from around the world, get to taste different foods and flavours and everything is made from scratch.

Take the hassle out of planning your next terms OSHC/Vacation Care activities and book Scoffed now!

We can cater for up to 30 children at either our venue (441 Magill Road, St Morris) or yours. It’s less expensive at ours because we don’t have to transport equipment. Classes run for approximately 1 hour and if you book multiple classes on the day, allow half hour turn around before the next class starts. We ran 5 classes in one day at Linden Park Primary School in this manner. Everything ran smoothly and the kids had a great time.

The price will vary based on the number of kids in the class, the number of classes booked on the day, wether it’s at your location or ours… so it’s best to thrash out the details with Nadine or Jenette.

You can contact them via email for more details or simply pick up the phone and have a chat – 08 7226 0715

Once you’ve made contact, we’ll send you a pdf of the booking form along with the recipes for the term. There are four new recipes per term so you will receive a new order form at the start of every term.

So sit back and relax, all the hard work and planning of OSHC/Vacation Care activities is made easy through Scoffed.